Welcome Dual Electric & Gas Geyser 25 Gallon


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  • 25 Gallons Standard Geyser
  • Imported Z&Y Gas Thermostat
  • Italian Element and Electric Thermostat
  • Top and Bottom 12 Guage Iron
  • Outer Tank Guage 17.
  • Brass Safety Valve
  • X-Ray Welding
  • 12 Guage Pipe
  • Powder Coated Paint


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Welcome electric and gas dual storage geyser is the best choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable water heating solution in Pakistan. With a capacity of 25 gallons, this standard geyser is suitable for households of all sizes.

One of the standout features of this geyser is the imported Z&Y gas thermostat, which allows you to easily control the temperature of the water. The Italian element and electric thermostat also help to ensure precise and consistent heating. The combination of electric and gas heating sources makes this geyser one of the most versatile and efficient options on the market.

The geyser is made with top and bottom 12 guage iron, ensuring durability and longevity. The outer tank is made with a guage of 17, adding an extra layer of strength and protection. The brass safety valve is a valuable safety feature, helping to prevent overheating and potential accidents.

The geyser is also constructed using X-ray welding, ensuring a strong and secure bond between the various components. The 12 guage pipe adds an extra level of durability and reliability. The geyser is finished with a powder coated paint, ensuring it looks great in any setting.

Overall, this electric and gas dual storage geyser is the best choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient water heating solution in Pakistan. It is competitively priced compared to other storage geysers on the market and offers excellent value for money. If you’re in need of a new water heater, be sure to consider this top-quality option.



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